Lizzie Borange Cake

Lizzie Borange took an axe, made this cake in forty whacks; when she saw what she had done, she added orange because orange is f***ing delicious.

I absolutely LOVE when my family gets together each year to celebrate the holidays, participate in Secret Santa and have that quality time with each other that we seldom get in the months prior. Each year, we take turns hosting in our respective homes and this year, my brother and his fiance purchased their first home and offered to cook a delicious Christmas meal yesterday for eleven people.

They provided the most delightful maple syrup ham, fluffy mashed potatoes, Old Bay sprinkled macaroni and cheese, and perfectly spiced grilled zucchini slices. For dessert, however, it was my time to shine.

I was originally going to throw together a no-bake strawberry chocolate tart but it had unexpectedly been one of those weeks where I had zero time to prepare, shop or have my life organized in any valuable way. I needed a dessert with high appeal but minimal prep; so the hearts in my eyes for the chocolate tart faded and I needed to find an alternative fast.

Pinterest is just the greatest invention of our time, if you ask me, and thanks to Yummiest Food I had a brand new dessert option and actually needed to purchase less ingredients than I would have needed for my tart.

In typical fashion, I did not have the pan size that the recipe required and the grocery store did not have the bittersweet chocolate that the recipe called for. I also did not have the patience for the orange zest so I had to get somewhat creative to overcome these few hindrances.

I did not have the “exact” pan but I did have a Pyrex Round Casserole Dish that was oven safe. For the bittersweet chocolate, the store did have semisweet and I made the game day decision to substitute Orange Essential Oil for the orange zest. Risky… I know. I was going to use two drops and accidentally dropped three! Everything was chaos.

Chocolate shavings were recommended as garnish but since I clearly had no patience today I opted for white chocolate drizzle, which I obviously went viciously overboard with.

In the end, this was a DAMN good cake. I always recommend to err on the side of caution with Essential Oils, especially fruit flavors, because it can very easily overpower your overall flavor and punch you in the face with orange instead of sweetly introducing itself as a companion to your chocolate. The only thing that I would change about my execution of this truly originally fantastic recipe is my presentation. I went all out with that drizzle and I would want to arrange my oranges differently, but the taste was the big concern and that was a huge risk that I am delighted turned out to be the best decisions that I could have made.

Only one slice survived.

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