Ted Bundtie Cake

I have loved baking for years but only recently have I decided to fully immerse myself with the proper tools, techniques and education to really thrive and create amazing desserts.

I got married in October and realized that I had NEVER baked for my hubby! I had baked for parties and events but nothing for just him. So I really wanted to do something special. He doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth but when he does, it’s always for chocolate and peanut butter.

I found this recipe on Pinterest via Handle The Heat and once I read her thorough review and descriptive baking tips I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to bake for my husband.

I gathered all of my ingredients and preheated the oven and then realized… I didn’t have the proper baking pan that the recipe called for! I love trying to improvise materials when I don’t have “exactly” what I’m supposed to and the closest size that could possibly work was a bundt cake pan. I also didn’t have any cooking spray because I was just thoroughly prepared on this particular day so I decided to use olive oil to lightly line my bundt cake pan.

This created the most DELICIOUSLY soft, chocolate peanut butter brownie bundt cake that could have ended pretty horribly from the start. My hubby was super happy and after posting my results to my Instagram page, the perfect cake name, Ted Bundtie, was born.

It was gone in three days.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jess Adkins says:

    Favorite combo!!


  2. Tom Benziger says:

    Emily, you continue to surprise me and btw my birthday is coming up next month, how about another surprise for me. ILY.


    1. Haha I will have to figure out a way to mail it to you! Love you too, Tom!


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