Army of Tartness

Well it has been a whirlwind these past few weeks! There has been an abundance of travel and family time and work opportunities and big changes in the future.

But we’ll get into that in future posts.

For now, let’s revel in one of my favorite horror inspired baking puns, Army of Tartness.

I made a somewhat impromptu visit a few weeks ago to visit my dad in Central Pennsylvania. We haven’t spent time, just the two of us, in years and what better time than the present. I was there for about four days and we were supposed to get a snow storm so we activated our birthright to scramble to the grocery store and stock up for the upcoming apocalypse. My dad is an amazing cook so in true form our cart included steaks and lobster and seafood pasta and I was already starting to get hungry for the delicious meals that were undoubtedly in my future.

I felt that I needed to make a contribution as well so I offered to put together another Pinterest recipe, a no-bake chocolate tart with an Oreo crust.

This new concoction was created by Home is Where the Boat Is and once I read the words “no bake”, “ganache” and “chocolate cookie crust” I put this recipe in my back pocket for an ideal opportunity. My dad and I are devoted chocolate lovers and I knew that he would truly appreciate this decadent chocolate miracle.

I only needed four ingredients as I opted not to top it off with strawberries and instead, a Necronomicon. Priorities.

The Oreo crust was made first and it was SO easy and super effective. It wouldn’t be my bake without something running amuck and on this day, I didn’t have the pan size that was called for in the recipe so a 9″ pan would have to suffice.

After one hour of chilling in the refrigerator, I added the ganache filling and let it refrigerate for about three hours and then put it in the freezer so that it would harden to the perfect texture while our collective sweet tooth became more and more apparent.

Once it had cooled and hardened to being somewhat firm to the touch, I etched in a Necronomicon with a toothpick. My dad started contributing ideas and we added some confectioners sugar on top to give a bit of texture and blueberries for eye popping detail. It was so nice to have his creative input and make something delicious for just the two of us.

This recipe was so easy and wonderfully rewarding. The Oreo cookie crust is firm, yet crumbly and the chocolate ganache filling just absolutely melts in the most perfect way.

All in all, 10/10 for this recipe, the ingredients, the timing, and the result.

It was the perfect addition to a wonderful visit that was long overdue. Days of chocolate and movies and High Maintenance and delectable food.

I will definitely be making this No Bake Chocolate Ganache Tart with Chocolate Cookie Crust again, probably still with a Necronomicon on top.

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